Meet Our Team


George Avdellas

Michael Knudson

Michael Krone

Tonna Obaze

Roy Michael Roman

Roy Michael (yes, I go by Roy Michael) is the President of PMT and a proud Tennessean born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee. You can usually find him working at City Hall or his local law firm, exercising with his best friend, watching Vol Football, or playing NBA 2K. His major at Penn is Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) with a primary thematic focus of Public Policy & Governance. He is also a Music minor. Roy Michael plans to attend law school and then specialize in bankruptcy and corporate law in the future. He then plans to enter into the political realm to serve as a political official at the federal level. His favorite phrase is as follows: “ESKEETIT”.

Kaylee Slusser



Katie Bontje

DJ Dorch

Kate Lindenburg

Kate is a junior in the College studying Political Science and Cinema and Media Studies from Ridgefield, CT. You can find Kate spending 90% of her time with at least one member of PMT, talking about how much she ~loved~ her internship on the Hill, and quoting obscure lines from New Girl no one thinks are funny except maybe Rebecca Suh. Kate plans to attend law school after graduating from Penn, become Harvey Specter, and then work in politics. Kate loves constitutional law more than Caitlin Quinn and you should definitely say this to Caitlin.

Naveed Matinfar

Mike Montague

Andy Neumann

Veronica Podolny

Rebecca Suh

PMT's own personal peach, Rebecca is from the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. Rebecca has been a mocker since her sophomore year of high school. Coming into college, Rebecca thought of not continuing mock... that was until she met the fabulous Michael Krone who told her to give try outs a shot! What a blessing Mr. Krone was... thanks to mock, Rebecca has made some of her best friends and memories. Rebecca is most known for planning QC 2017, the tournament where the Cornell Marching Band played throughout the entire third round. Rebecca is least known for her major... because she still hasn't decided that! When Rebecca is not mocking, you can find her eating or listening to music or eating while listening to music.

Brian Schmitt



Isabella Auerbach

Isabella Auerbach. She is a girl. While documents state that Isabella was raised in Boston, MA, legend has it that the young mongoose was born in a small Italian village in 1936, where she soon became the nation's most desired Sloth portrait artist. What? I couldn't hear you – Sweet Caroline is bumping in the background right now. Isabella's favorite part of Mock Trial is watching the judge's face as she tells him that she can't spell her last name. Vowels are tricky. Outside of Mock Trial, Isabella can be seen pretending she understands grammar while she edits for Penn's UnEarthed magazine, or frolicking in the woods with her fellow PennQuest worshippers of the forest. Did someone say Forrest Gump? Sorry, I have to go. My Tamagotchi needs to be fed.

Tise Ben-Eka

Alec Evans

Jacob Julian-Kwong

Summer Kapanka

Riley Kennedy

Jacob Linfesty

Marilyn Pease

Caitlin Quinn

Dennis Ronel